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What do I do if my chiller is leaking from where the shut-off valves go into the housing?

  1. First, turn off the chiller power switch. Next, unplug the chiller. Never mix electricity and water. Next, remove the shut off valves from the chiller. Make sure that the housing is seated firmly. If the housing is loose, re-seat the housing until you hear the housing snap into place (link to instructions to remove housing). Make sure the Housing Ring Nuts are on tight.
  2. Next, check that the Ring Nuts and O rings are properly placed on the Shut Off Valves. Be careful not to break the tabs on the shut off valves. The tabs are there to prevent the water pressure pushing the Shut Off Valves out far enough to leak.
  3. Tighten Ring Nuts firmly, seating the O-rings.

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