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Small / Nano Aquariums


Provides plenty of ventilation in a small footprint, perfect for small aquariums in confined spaces. Front-side A/C port and digital thermostat.

TK-150Up to 60 gallons1/8 HP

Standard / Medium Aquariums

TK-500 • TK-1000 • TK-2000

Improved usability and maximum cooling efficiency. Rotatable exhaust manifold directs heat away from operating environment. Magnet-mount filter screen for easier cleaning.


Up to 120 gallons1/6 HPR290
TK-1000  60-200 gallons1/4 HPR290


130-500 gallons1/3 HPR290
WiFi Module
Allows wireless chiller monitoring

Large Aquariums

TK-3000 • TK-6000 • TK-9000

For specialty or large aquarium setups; includes four expansion ports allowing users to customize the priority of UV sterilization and/or heating as desired

TK-3000Up to 750 gallons1/2 HP
TK-6000Up to 1300 gallons1 HP
TK-9000Up to 1850 gallons1-1/2 HP

High-Capacity Chillers/Heat Pumps

TK-5K • TK-8K • TK-15K

TECO's TK Heat-Pumps are low-energy consuming workhorses providing exceptional cooling and heating efficiency in large-scale tank applications. High-quality components and structure. Suitable for industrial applications.

TK-5K5.8 kW800 gph2 HP240V-60Hz - 1 phase
TK-8K8.7 kW1200 gph3.5 HP240V-60Hz - 1 phase
TK-15K14.6 kW1700 gph6 HP240V-60Hz - 3 phase