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Accessories & Add-Ons

Accessories & Add-Ons
Brand: TECO Model: 400 W Heater Kit
The 400w heater kit is designed to work universally with all Teco SeaChill Aquarium Chillers. Installation is easy and takes less than 10 minutes. No ..
Brand: TECO Model: Conveyor Extension Piece
Each extension piece extends the rotating conveyor manifold featured on TECO's TANK TK-500, TK-1000 and TK-2000 aquarium chillers.Chillers can overhea..
Flow Indicator
Brand: TECO Model: Flow Indicator
The TECO Flow Indicator is an important accessory for most aquarium system setups. Connect the Flow Indicator to any pipe or tubing that water flows t..
Brand: TECO Model: Probe for TK-500/1000/2000, 3 ft.
Thermostat probe designed for the TK-500, TK-1000 and TK-2000 Aquarium Chillers...
Brand: TECO Model: Ring Nut Wrench
Made from heavy-gauged metal, this TECO designed wrench is useful in removing the Ring-Nuts from the outer cover of the TR5, TR10, TR15, and TR20 chil..
TECOnnect WiFi Device
Brand: TECO Model: TECOnnect WiFi Device
The TECOnnect wifi module is an easy to install Wifi Adapter that connects directly to the Chiller. Compatible Devices include New TK/HY 500, TK/HY 10..
Brand: TECO Model: Thermostat Controller
New thermostat controller designed to fit the TK-500/1000/2000...
Brand: TECO Model: UV Sterilizer Kit
Ultra-violet (UV) sterilizer kit compatible with TR15, TR20, TR30, and TR60 chillers. Easy to install - takes less than 10 minutes. No tools required...
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